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I Can't Work With You

Oh god, we've all been through this one at some point in our careers. Dealing with a difficult person. Right? It's a challenge, awkward, and it can get better with a little bit of know-how. Here are my ten rules for dealing with difficult people.

  1. Be calm, and don't overreact. Be aware of your emotions
  2. Please step back and try to understand where they are coming from
  3. If need be, get someone else's perspective
  4. Let the person know how you feel and where you are coming from
  5. Try to build a rapport with the person
  6. Always treat the person with respect
  7. Focus on what be action up the chain of command
  8. If at all necessary, ignore the person
  9. If things are not working out, escalate
  10. As a last resort, confront, but in a factual and diplomatic way

Take a listen to the podcast, and you'll get some great examples of how I failed before developing these steps.

In the next podcast, I'll tackle how to have difficult conversations.

Sylvain Perrier

Sylvain Perrier

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