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Difficult Conversations

We all have had to engage in a difficult conversation at some point in our lives, even our careers.

A difficult conversation can be a discussion about an uncomfortable topic or a negative experience where the goal is to share different perspectives and build mutual understanding.

Some examples can include calling a loved one to tell them that a friend or family member has died or being terminated from your employment because of recent budget cuts. Regardless of the example, difficult conversations are a challenge for many people and can be excruciating, even painful. Why? Because we all want to be liked and appreciated for who we are what we do. Emotional harmony is what we crave. It's important not to avoid these types of conversations and kick the can down the road. You'll only make it worse. Starting from a place of curiosity and respect will help you get the ball rolling. Don't over-prepare your words. Jump right in and get to the point. Putt on your listening hat and focus on what you're hearing and not what you're saying. Become an active listener. It's ok to let the silence sit while everyone is processing. Focus on driving towards a positive outcome. If things get heated, take a pause and come back, or better yet, get some help.

Listen to the podcast where I share some juicy examples.


  1. Start from a place of curiosity and respect
  2. Focus on listening and get to the point
  3. Do not delay
  4. Expect a positive outcome and adjust accordingly
  5. Partner-up.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for my next show on emotional resiliency.

Sylvain Perrier

Sylvain Perrier

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